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Tylestel - Gamemaster's Screen art

Tylestel is a french tabletop RPG where players explore the Archipelago of Tylestel, as heroes chosen by the seven Gods of the Pantheon, wielding elemental magic, fighting mythical foes and uncovering the secrets of the gods and the fallen Titans.

The Game master's screen was a n opportunity to showcase Kardia, the elemental magic system of Tylestel, which allows players to summon wind into their sails, or thunder if they need light and want to be a showoff about it. The god's statue in the middle is Bromos, god of the sea. And the harpies and cyclopes are observing the heroes as they are about to set foot in their sanctuary.

This illustration was once again quite a challenge. The format meant that this is basically three images, and filling the frame in that format was not easy. Then the lighting by an omni-directional light source in the middle of the image is not something I do often, and then the perpective of such a wide panorama is hard to deal with. I could either have a very flat perspective with a narrow field of view which would have flatten the depth, or get crazy wide and things on the edges would get very funky. I ended up mixing up techniques, starting with a simple perspective greed, checking with 3d midway through painting... and cheating to get individual parts to look right despite not lining up with the overall perspective.
Oh and also the pixel size was humongous. to allow me to paint the teeny-tiny characters. this monster was about 17000 by 4000px.

At the time of posting, and until 06/06/2020, Tylestel has a crowdfunding campaign to finance the game:
Tylestel is published by "la plume de cyrano" ( ) and written by Bastien Lyonnet and Marc Aubert, and containing additional illustrations by Tania Sanchez-Fortun and Guillaume Guc.