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Tylestel - Lore Book - Cover art

Tylestel is a french tabletop RPG where players explore the Archipelago of Tylestel, as heroes chosen by the seven Gods of the Pantheon, wielding elemental magic, fighting mythical foes and uncovering the secrets of the gods and the fallen Titans.

The world of Tylestel is heavily inspired by greek mythology, especially with the monsters and creatures populating the Archipelago. Despite that, the game has its own pantheon: Here you have the whole crew, except the 8th god, the god of destiny.
This one took a bit of back and forth to nail down each God's design and personnality. Again I relied on Blednder to model the arena's basic layout, which saved me probably dozens of hours of head-scratching and focus on laying out the seven characters and their poses.

I then extracted the various characters, and I tweaked them to give them each a stand alone image for the book interior.

At the time of posting, and until 06/06/2020, Tylestel has a crowdfunding campaign to finance the game:
Tylestel is published by "la plume de cyrano" ( ) and written by Bastien Lyonnet and Marc Aubert, and containing additional illustrations by Tania Sanchez-Fortun and Guillaume Guc.