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The Bronze Windows

Here's a cover art I did for Pascal Malosse's novel "les fenêtres de bronze" (The Bronze Windows) published by "éditions Malpertuis".
Here's the summary translated (by me) from the original French:
"Flying pages. Torn pages, covered in bizarre handwriting, falling in the street from the top of Parisian buildings like autumn leaves. Théo, during his shift as a coffee boy, notices, picks and gathers this curious letter. A young woman confides in it, tells she has always lived hidden away in a large apartment, meeting none, without company except books and paintings. Fiction, prank... or actual call for help?
In spite of common sense, Théo starts his own investigation. Will he manage to unravel the ancient and terrifying mystery hiding behind the bronze windows?"
The great thing about this project? The publisher e-mailed me the novel before I started working, which means that I actually could (and did) make sure my image was a good fit!