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Organs thieves

"She was one of those rarities: middle class type. The one stuck between peta-credits corporations and the growing mass of scrappers. Even more strange, nothing about her was artificial yet. A good prize, plenty to harvest.
Artificial everything will be the only way she'll survive. Then, crippled by debt, she'll become scrapper herself, selling her dignity to corporations for the right to exist. Trafficking and taking advantage of anyone is her path.
Maybe in time she will harvest organs off another imprudent one. Maybe in time, she will ba a friend."

So, between Blade runner 2049, Neuromancer and Gunnm, I've been into cyberpunk a lot recently, so I thought I'd do something a little more futuristic.
To me, the cyberpunk genre is primarily about apposing extreme wealth to extreme misery, so I thought I'd manifest this visually with the bright corporate clinic in the background, surrounded by a gigantic and shanty town.